Want to learn more about Asian Football or just a bookworm? Then look no further. 

It is good to shop around on the likes of abebooks and ebay for some of these books, as you can get them second hand for more than half the price on amazon.

We are always on the hunt for more! So if you know of any Asian Football books, be sure to let us know!


Support Your Local League: A South-East Asian Football Odyssey by Anthony Sutton


Paperback: £5.80    Kindle Edition: £5.80

Lions and Tigers: The Story of Football in Singapore and Malaysia by John Duerden


Paperback: £23.71   Kindle Edition: £9.59

Kicking off in North Korea - Friendship and Football in Foreign Lands by Tim Hartley


Paperback: £9.99  Kindle Edition: £3.99

Bamboo Goalposts by Rowan Simons


Paperback: £13.99  Kindle Edition: 3.99  Hardcover: £3.47

Barefoot to boots by Novy Kapadia


Paperback: £17.97  Kindle Edition: £11.99

Ultra Nippon: How Japan Reinvented Football by Jonathan Birchall


Paperback: £7.60

Japan, Korea and the 2002 World Cup by John Horne and Wolfram Manzenreiter


Paperback: £49.99  Kindle Edition: £44.99

The Death and Life of Australian Soccer by Joe Gorman


Paperback: £20.95  Kindle Edition: £7.99

Playing for Australia: The First Socceroos, Asia and World Football by Trevor Thompson


Paperback: £13.43  Kindle Edition: 8.99

India’s Football Dream by Shantanu Gupta and Nikhil Sharma


Paperwork: £16.00  Kindle Edition: £13.00

More Noble Than War: The Story of Football in Israel and Palestine by Nicholas Blincoe


Paperback: £5.35  Kindle Edition: £2.99  Hardback: £7.35

Japanese Rules  by Sebastian Moffett


Paperback: £8.00

CONIFA: Football For The Forgotten: The Untold Story Of Football's Alternative World Cup by James Hendicott


Paperback: £9.35