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Published on 16 July 2021 at 21:03

If you are not following @JSoccerMagazine or @JLeagueShirts on twitter then you are really missing out. The accounts are run by Alan Gibson, an Englishman who has lives in Japan and has lived and worked in various countries such as Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and Australia.



JSoccer Magazine comes out four times a year and covers content from players, history, clubs, fixtures, national team, stadiums, interviews and stories. Everything you want or need to know about Japanese football. 


You can message Alan on twitter @JSoccerMagazine or on his website JSoccer.com if you are interested in purchasing the magazines. You can buy physical copies or PDF versions which you get straight to your phone/tablet/laptop. If you do purchase physical copies, be mindful that Alan is based in Japan, so a shipping fee will be added. However, Alan always looks to get you the best price and shipments. When I ordered the physics copies, they arrived within 3 days to the UK.


Alan creates the JSoccer Magazine through his own money. You may see him on his other account @JLeagueShirts selling Japanese and Asian football shirts which helps contribute to the cost of making the magazine. But you can also support Alan and JSoccer Magazine on Patreon at: https://www.patreon.com/JSoccerMagazine and contribute monthly payments of your choice, which enable you to exclusives. See below:



I have lost count of the amount of J.League shirts that I have in my football shirt collection and that is largely in part to Alan at @JLeagueShirts.

If you send him a message on twitter and ask him to send you his dropbox link, you'll be able to see all of the football shirts he has for sale. They are mainly J.League shirts, but he also has some Japan National Team shirts, Thai League shirts, Women's football league shirts and some JFL shirts. If there is a shirt that you are after that he hasn't got or a J.League shirt which has just been released, he will happily purchase it for you and ship it out. 


For example. This year Japan released a limited edition special version national team shirt to commemorate its 100th year in football. The shirt was only being sold in Japan and to people with Japanese addresses. So I asked Alan and he got it sorted straight away, even managing to get me the rare collectors edition version which came in a wooden box with postcards, history and photos. When he messaged to tell me it was shipped (Including tracking number) on the Friday, it was here in the UK by the Monday! 


But as well as J.League shirts, Alan may be able to help you get football shirts from in and around Asian countries such as South Korea, Thailand, Singapore etc. Especially given that there are not many genuine sites in the UK that sell Asian shirts.

However, if shirts aren't your thing and you quite like football memorobilia, then Alan also has a collection of various items and objects from over the years of both club merchandise and national team merchandise. 


Whatever it is that you are looking for that's  related to Japan and football, Alan and @JLeagueShirts is the man you need to follow and message.


I have bought 10+ shirts from Alan at least and always pay a good price for what I'm getting, the shipping cost and quick shipping time. Can't recommend enough!


And even if maybe JSoccer Magazines or J.League shirts aren't your thing. Be sure to follow him anyway on @JSoccerMagazine for latest info on Japanese football, from commentary, players to watch and news. Especially if it's regarding Vissel Kobe and Gamba Osaka. You may also hear him talking on the J-Talk Podcast which covers J1 every week in English.

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