There are some incredible content creators out there who dedicate alot of their time producing some amazing and insightful podcasts on Asian Football. Here are few which I listen to and highly recommend

The J-Talk Podcast

A podcast hosted by Ben Maxwell and Sam Robson which sees weekly episodes on all things J1 football.

Avaliable on: iTunes, Spotify, podbean

J-Talk Extra Time

The 'little brother' of J-Talk. This podcast is hosted by Stuart Smith, Jon Steele for weekly episodes on all things J2 football. Whilst Mike Innes covers J3 football.

Avaliable under The J-Talk Podcast and on iTunes, Spotify and podbean

The K League United Podcast

A weekly podcast on Korean football hosted by Ryan Walters, with Paul Neat, Matthew Binns, Dan Croydon, Peter Hampshire, Todd Wilde and Michael Redmond. As well as various other guests and interviewees

Avaliable on: iTunes, Spotify, googleplay  

The Asian Game

One of the best (if not the best) content creators on all things Asian Football. The gents do a podcast roughly once a month to talk about various countries and leagues throughout Asia, as well covering interviews and stories.

Available on: iTunes, Spotify, googleplay

The Final Whistle

A weekly podcast hosted by Deepanraj Ganesan on all things Singapore Football, including the league, national side and great in depth interviews.

Available on: iTunes, Spotify, Podtail

The Hong Kong Football Podcast

A podcast hosted by James Legge, Tobias Zuser and Jonathan White which covers Hong Kong football. Reviewing and previewing the weeks games as well as talking about the national team.

Avaliable on: iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud

The Tao Lao Podcast 

A weekly podcast covering everything regarding Thai League football and the national team. Hosted by Tao Lao and Gian Chansrichawla.

Avaliable on: iTunes, Spotify and Podtail

The Gol Bezan Podcast

A weekly podcast which covers Iranian football including interviews with players, managers and other backroom staff.

Available on: iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud

The Iraq Football Podcast

A monthly podcast which covers football in Iraq including player interviews and news on the national team.

Avaliable on: iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud

From The Tofu Bowl Podcast

A monthly podcast hosted by Owain Lacey and Mark Henderson. The gents cover all things Asian football with interviews with various guests on different leagues and countries.

Avaliable on: iTunes and Spotify