Where to watch

Whilst interest is growing around Asian football, coverage of the various leagues hasn't quite matched up to the continent's progress. 

Unlike in Europe, it can be quite difficult at times to follow certain leagues within Asia. Despite this though, some countries and leagues have worked hard to promote their football to a global audience.

J League

Over recent years, being able to watch J League in the UK has become a lot easier. PremierSports and FreeSports regularly show at least 1 or 2 games live every weekend (but not consistently).

If you live in the UK, FreeSportsTV should be included in your TV package or freeview. So it will cost nothing to watch. Whereas you much purchase a package with PremierSports to watch the games.

The J Leagues official YouTube channel have made games from both J1 and J2 (Mainly J2) avaliable to international viewers to watch live and for free. With there being at least 1 or 2 games every week.

Not that we encourage gambling, but if all else fails and you have at bet365 account. You are able to watch all J League games on their app or website, so long as you have an account and have some money in your account (I only have £1 in mine and it works perfectly)

K League

The K League just this season (2021) announced that they would be showing all K League games, both K1 and K2, for free to all international viewers. The games are avaliable to watch and cast/stream from their website: tv.kleague.com 


Copa90 football also occasionally show K League games live and for free on their YouTube channel.

Indian Super League

In the UK and over the last year, the Indian Super League has been broadcast onto PremierSports and FreeSports. Whilst this is not consistent, you can usually catch a couple of games throughout the season. 


If you live in the UK and have a bet365 account, you can watch most ISL games for free (so long as you have money in your account). The games however, will not usually have commentary.

Singapore Premier League

The Singapore Premier League (Or S League) is avaliable to most international viewers for free on their YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/c/SingaporePremierLeagueOfficial 

You can watch the games live or catch up with the highlights.

A League

In the UK, A-League games are shown to viewers who have purchased a BT Sports package. You can purchase a month pass for £25 without getting broadband. But it works out cheaper if you get your TV and broadband together (£15)

Chinese Super League

Watching Chinese Super League can be quite difficult in the UK, with games barely getting much coverage. Every so often, you may be able to find a match avaliable to watch on PremierSports or FreeSports. 


There are however, a few channels on YouTube which show the games live and for free. So if there is a particular game you're interested in watching, search for the game on there.

AFC Champions League

If you live in the UK, you can download the OneFootball app to your phone. The app shows most ACL Champions League games and has the ability to stream/cast to your TV. It is free and live to watch.